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An Exceptional Managed IT Company

Staying focused on your business today is challenging enough in today’s competitive business landscape without having to stay ahead of the latest technologies, suppliers, security threats and mobile devices drifting in and out of your office. Managing IT has become a very, very big job for a lot of companies. We at The IT Department understand this better than most because managing IT is what we do for over 100 companies in the Ottawa area.

Highly organized and very cost effective

Established in 1998, and dedicated to providing exceptional service, The IT Department has designed, implemented and managed technology solutions for small and medium business for over 15 years. During this time, we have heard a lot of hype and witnessed a lot of changes in the business and technology marketplace. Through it all, we have remained focused on ensuring that the technologies our clients rely upon to run and grow their businesses remain secure, stable and scalable to meet future growth. We do it all in a highly organized and very cost effective manner.

Unmatched dedication to customer service

The reality of today’s business world is that your customers (and often your staff) expect to access information at any time of day, and from virtually anywhere in the world. One of the impacts of these “on demand” expectations is that your business and the underlying technologies that you rely on to operate it (like phone systems, web sites, and firewalls) is already operating 24/7 – even if your official office hours are only 9-5, Monday to Friday.

Quite frankly, IT – like security – is now a 24/7 responsibility. “IT Vigilance” is a pillar of our organization, so our powerful Managed IT solutions are expertly designed, ultra-reliable, and backed 24/7 by our own unmatched dedication to customer service.

We make IT your competitive advantage

Whether you have outgrown your existing IT consultants, or: need help upgrading your network; are thinking about moving to the cloud; are considering outsourcing your IT; or simply looking to augment your own internal IT resources, we have a solution for you.

Give us a call today to find out how we can turn IT into a competitive advantage for your business.



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