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The IT Department ensures businesses stay focused on what’s important

Ray Brooke, CEO and principal shareholder of the IT Department, is fond of telling the story of a client that started the work week on a Monday morning blissfully unaware that its entire business could have ground to a halt over the weekend.

Thanks to the IT Department’s “Invisible Technician” – a proactive 24/7 service with helpdesk support and remote over-the-shoulder monitoring – a technician saw the client’s manufacturing control server go down on the Saturday night. Unable to execute a remote fix, the technician wasted no time heading the client site to resolve the issue in person.

For Brooke, providing such responsive service can sometimes be problematic … in a good way. The client had no idea that a significant business disruption had been avoided.


“I like to make sure clients know when we have done something significant for them and demonstrate the great value for money we provide,” said Brooke. “However, the better we perform, the more invisible we become!”

This “value for money” comes down to the dollars and cents of the bottom line — mitigating business risk by looking after that all-important IT infrastructure through comprehensive managed network services.With a team of qualified and experienced technicians, the IT Department offers small- and medium-sized enterprises a proactive Infrastructure Support Service that takes a strategic view of their needs, supported by a help desk that is locally staffed around the clock. This is usually a more effective, reliable and economical alternative to staffing an internal IT person.

A single, convenient point of contact

Under new ownership, the IT Department has undergone a dramatic facelift over the past 18 months. Brooke describes the IT Department’s new image as “combining the best practices of the past with an innovative new business approach to what has locally become a rather stagnant services model.” A  key component of this new approach includes the establishment of a network of strategic partners that allows The IT Department to provide a complete tailored solution that best suits a particular client’s needs. Best of all, the client doesn’t have to worry about managing a relationship


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