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Delivery Model

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The IT Department Delivery Model

With over 15 years of managing day to day IT requirements for a multitude of clients, The IT Department has a wealth of experience to draw upon when it comes to designing, implementing and managing technology for our clients.

We are experts at delivering IT solutions in a highly organized and very cost effective manner. Our service delivery model is built on ensuring that information technology provides the greatest possible reliability, security and productivity for our clients. At the same time, we recognize that clients require varying degrees of flexibility, responsiveness and scalability at different times in their business cycles.

IT Solutions

We design, build and manage IT solutions from the ground up. Because of the nature of our business, we are frequently engaged to come in and “fix” or clean up IT problems. We’re great at that, too.

Engaging The IT Department

Clients can engage The IT Department in any of the following manners: Fully Managed, Outsourced IT, Co-Sourced IT, Augmented IT, Partially Managed IT, Remote IT, Project Based IT, and several other methods – including Emergency IT Services.


Each month, we secure, monitor, maintain, support and back up numerous platforms, thousands of workstations and most types of hardware and software – including mobile. We maintain excellent relationships and certifications with leading vendors including Microsoft, Cisco, IBM, Dell, Apple, HP, Google and many others. We love technology – and we love to simplify and make it work for our clients.

Support Services

Our support goes and far wide. While most of our clients utilize our proactive monthly Managed IT offerings and 24/7 Help Desk support, we also provide a wide range of services to “On Demand” customers. On site or remote, web based, phone or email, we get the job done – and we get it done right.


We believe in providing full value and providing transparency in all we do for our customers, so we offer a full range of reporting options. From automated reporting to weekly, monthly and quarterly reports and in person meetings, we are happy to work with you to ensure the requisite amount of reporting is included for all of your IT operations.


We offer several methods to fit your business requirements. Detailed billing is provided based on hourly (block), monthly requirements,or project based engagements. Special needs? No problem, we’re flexible that way.



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