Versatile, Scalable, Cost-Effective Cloud Solutions

We’re cloud experts. Whether you need assistance with a cloud migration plan or you are looking for guidance on what kind of cloud environment is right for your business, we can help. At The IT Department, we are committed to providing you with technology that aligns with the needs of your business – today and five years down the road.  

Cloud Solutions

We have cloud platform options. We can host your infrastructure in our private cloud. Or, we can support your infrastructure through Microsoft Azure. Both options provide fast, reliable, mobile network performance. Let the experts at The IT Department sit down with you and get to know your business processes, goals and needs. From there, we can recommend the cloud environment, including anti-virus and firewall protection, that best suits your business demands.

Anytime, Anywhere Access

Cloud technology gives staff access to important business applications and data from wherever they work. And powerful productivity software means staff can meet and collaborate in real time.

cloud solutions
cloud solutions

Flexibility and Cost Savings

Cloud technology allocates your tech resources where they are needed most. This flexibility contributes to consistent operations, even when demands fluctuate. Additionally, cloud environments are typically less expensive than on-premise options because you don’t need to purchase and support your own hardware. 

Increased Performance and Scalability

Increased reliabilityand performance, file storage and modern applications are easy to scale with changing business needs. 

cloud solutions

Private vs. Public 

Private Cloud

Private cloud is an environment used by your business alone. Because it is dedicated solely to your business, you have more control over how you customize it. Businesses with steady workloads or in highly regulated industries may benefit most from a private cloud environment. 

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is a public cloud solution. Microsoft owns and operates the hardware, and infrastructure costs are kept to a minimum because they are split among all users. Azure software can be the best model for businesses with unpredictable traffic that need increased scalability and run non-sensitive web applications.

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