Best-in-Class Data and Device Protection 

The IT Department understands the critical nature of data and device security in today’s world. We can protect your customer data, your employee data and your devices from corruption, accidental loss and potential cyberattacks. Let our team of security experts guide you through our comprehensive array of security offerings.


Data Protection and Cybersecurity Solutions

Protecting your data and your physical hardware requires a comprehensive, proactive approach. The experts at IT Department Data have extensive experience in software, methodologies and best practices to protect your data and devices, both inside your business and outside.

Modern security can be challenging enough, but today’s threats are further complicated by more remote staff and the popular bring your own device (BYOD) trend. Our staff understand these risks and can recommend leading-edge software solutions based on your business workflow, potential vulnerabilities and industry requirements.

Fewer Compliance Worries

Our staff is well versed in proven best practices and industry-leading technology to protect your computers, servers, mobile devices, networks and data. We are also familiar with federal and provincial legal regulations and sector-based security data protections.

data protection
data protection

Proactive Security

The right software and protocols ensure which people can access which business assets. Continuous network monitoring, malware protection, firewalls, patches and updates ensure your system is working properly and can identify threats before they become an issue.

Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery

Make sure your data is safe and accessible. Data backup and recovery systems can ensure when the unexpected occurs, data is quickly restored with limited interruption to daily operations.

data protection
data protection

Earn CyberSecure Canada Certification

Let your business partners and customers know you take cybersecurity seriously. Organized by the Government of Canada, the CyberSecure Canada Certification program is meant to help small to medium-sized businesses fight the war against cybercrime. Businesses must meet specific requirements ranging from developing an incident response plan to implementing strong user authentication.

For a complete list of the requirements, access to helpful e-learning modules and more information, visit

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