Reliable, Secure, Affordable VoIP Solutions 

The IT Department knows VoIP technology – in the cloud and on premise. Let our experienced staff get to know your unique business needs and recommend a VoIP communications solution that best fits your workflow, your staff and your goals.

VoIP Communications Solutions

Eliminate traditional phone lines while improving business communications, boosting productivity and saving money. VoIP phone technology transmits your voice, data and video services conveniently through your internet connection. The result is a reliable, scalable, mobile communications solution complete with enhanced features.

The IT Department offers different platform choices when it comes to VoIP technology. You can own and maintain your own hardware on site, or we can host and manage your telephony infrastructure in the cloud. Our expert staff can help you choose the option that best suits your business and take you through design, implementation and support. We can also provide high-speed fibre internet services through our partnership with Bell Canada.

Increased Mobility and Productivity

If you have an internet connection, you can make a call. VoIP technology is available 24/7, and it’s mobile so your remote staff stays connected. Features like video conference calling allow staff to collaborate and get more business done – in the office, at home and across the globe.


Flexibility and Cost Savings

The nature of VoIP technology makes it easy to scale as business needs contract and expand. VoIP is also more affordable than traditional landline phone systems.

One Unified Solution

Streamline operations with one communications solution. Combine voice, data and video capabilities into one integrated service. You can also add high-speed fibre and managed internet access with The IT Department and Bell Canada.


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